Learning Services

Stratagem’s Learning Services team helps our clients 'bridge the information gap' caused by any change — whether that be a new application roll-out, a merger or acquisition, or reengineered or modified processes — that disrupts normal workflows and requires people to adapt to new ways of performing their work. Our professionals design, develop, and deliver learning solutions that optimize workforce knowledge, improve performance, and prepare people for technological and process-related change.

Our Learning Services professionals deliver the following services:

  • Learning Strategy — Defining organizational learning needs and objectives, based on a study of client needs, then proposing appropriate solutions.
  • Instructional Content Design and Development — Identifying, designing, and developing custom instruction that provides the learners with the knowledge they need, effectively and efficiently.
  • Learning Application Design and Development — Designing and developing learning delivery vehicles through a variety of media that meet the learning needs of small or large groups of learners.
  • User Performance Support Design and Development — Identifying, designing, and developing performance support solutions (e.g., job aids, on-line help systems, guides and manuals) for the right people, in an effective format, and in a timely fashion.
  • Change Communications — Helping organizations prepare for change by planning and crafting targeted communications that support change initiatives.

Learning Services Brochure