Application Development & Integration

When you need to supplement your staff of analysts, developers, or systems designers to get through a spike in work volume or to locate specialized skills that are in short supply, you can’t find a better partner than Stratagem. Our IT professionals work independently or with your team to design, develop, test, and implement business systems that drive your business success.

We work with your organization’s mainframe tools and systems, as well as with distributed and Web-based computing systems in .Net, Java, and other newer languages and environments. Our highly skilled professionals are expert in the use of both cutting-edge and legacy tools. They are flexible enough to build systems that support your specific business rules and logic, processes, and databases, regardless of the business systems you use. Best of all, they work with your internal teams or independently, according to your needs and wishes.

Here are some of the results our Application Development & Integration experts deliver:

  • High-quality designs that optimize your business flows
  • Systems that work faster for you
  • Expertise in user-oriented methodology
  • Industry-standard architectures and approaches
  • Reliable support to relieve your overextended internal resources