Stratagem's Professional Development Program

At Stratagem, we recognize the critical role that education plays in our industry. Education enables our IT professionals to stay at the forefront of current technologies. We demonstrate our commitment to the professional growth of our consultants by offering generous education programs. In turn, we expect our consultants to make that same commitment by taking the time to plan and pursue their own educational direction, with our guidance.

Stratagem's Professional Development Program provides our consultants with the structure, educational resources, and financial support they need to grow professionally and serve our clients' business needs. The centerpiece of this program is the Professional Development Plan (PDP). The PDP (excerpted below) helps Stratagem's consultants identify their professional development objectives as well as the educational tools and resources required to achieve them.

Professional Development Plan

Stratagem's Professional Development Plan (PDP) is the education benefit that supports your professional development goals over a 6- to 24-month period.

You initiate the PDP process by discussing and defining your educational needs with your Resource Manager (RM). Your RM can advise you on local market needs, help you identify consulting and technology skill gaps, and direct you to educational resources. The outcome of these planning sessions is a PDP document that lists your professional development goals and the specific courses and other activities needed to achieve those goals. The RM is responsible for approving or helping to revise the plan. Once the plan has been reviewed and approved, you can get right to work on it.

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PDP Resources

Stratagem will reimburse you for the expenses you incur in pursuing your professional education as detailed in your PDP. Some programs and resources that may be included in your plan are:


Retooling means developing skills in a new technology platform. A mainframe programmer who acquires client/server skills is retooling. So is a developer who acquires project management skills. The objective of retooling is usually to obtain a degree or certification. Stratagem will reimburse you for approved tuition and related costs. Stratagem also provides computer-based SmartForce courses to supplement your classroom training. A PDP is required for retooling.

Skills Enhancement

Skills enhancement includes: updating skills for the current platform; addressing gaps in skills; and improving soft skills. For example, Java developers who take classes to upgrade their skills for a new version of Java are enhancing their skills. Stratagem reimburses its employees for skills enhancement expenses that are part of an approved PDP.


Stratagem encourages you to pursue industry-recognized professional certifications. We reimburse you for study materials and the cost of each exam you pass.


Stratagem reimburses you for software so you can apply your skills by developing a working application.


Stratagem reimburses you for books or subscriptions that keep you abreast of technology and business trends. These materials are yours to keep.

Tuition Reimbursement

Stratagem reimburses you for up to $2,000 per calendar year for completed coursework and books at an accredited college or university. Coursework must be related to your professional development objective and lead to a degree or certification. Stratagem reimburses tuition and books at 100% for grades of A or B (or Pass, for Pass/Fail courses), or 80% for a C.

Seminars and Classes

Stratagem reimburses you for external seminars and classes when:

  • You are able to apply the new skills or lessons on a current assignment.
  • You share your new knowledge with other Stratagem consultants through mentoring, presentations, or seminars.
  • Your training supports market direction and need.

Professional Organizations

Stratagem reimburses you for membership in professional organizations.

We encourage you to participate actively as an officer, contributor, business developer, or board member.

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Other Educational Opportunities

In addition to the programs and resources listed above, all Stratagem employees have access to the following educational opportunities, whether or not they have completed a PDP. Education coordinators are available at each office to direct you to these types of professional development resources and tools.


Occasionally, Stratagem or a client may ask you to learn a new skill to meet an immediate job need. Such training might involve on-the-job training, books, classes, eLearning, software, and hands-on-experience. If you decide to accept this opportunity, all training time and materials are reimbursable.

Internal Resources

Each of Stratagem's three offices has equipment, software, and books that consultants may use to learn new skills.

Stratagem Employee Website

Stratagem's employee website presents information that may be helpful in your professional development, such as: Education coordinators in each office, bookseller discount offers, links to Smartforce, training and certification paths for major technologies, training providers, and names of local colleges. The website also announces local events and Stratagem-sponsored seminars, and it includes a forum area for posting questions to other Stratagem employees.

Focus Groups/Seminars

Stratagem sponsors focus groups and seminars for our employees. Seminars may be targeted to a particular special-interest group. The sessions cover both technical and business skills topics.

Stratagem employees may present the seminars - this is one way for our people to gain leadership and presentation experience. The seminars are generally held in the office after work.

Stratagem Internal Classes

Stratagem has developed several classes for employees, including:

  • Orientation
  • Project Management Concepts and Tools
  • Consulting Skills
  • Interviewing Skills

SmartForce eLearning

All Stratagem employees have unlimited access to eLearning courses with real-time mentoring. Interactive seminars, workshops, and white papers are also offered. This content can be accessed directly from a home or office computer connected to the Internet. The SmartForce course offerings are adjusted periodically.

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