Stratagem offers a flexible benefits program, which means that our employees have options to select benefit levels that are of most value to them and their personal and family situations. These benefits are available to every full-time salaried employee on that person's first day of employment with Stratagem. Stratagem also offers medical insurance, dental insurance, a 401(k) savings plan, and flexible spending accounts (FSAs) to hourly employees.

Our benefits package allows our employees to pay for their portion of premiums with pre-tax dollars, which results in a significant out-of-pocket savings. The package includes:

  • Medical Insurance
  • 401(k) Savings Plan
  • Dental Insurance
  • Paid Time Off
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Overtime Pay
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Travel Reimbursement
  • Life and AD&D Insurance
  • Business and Social Gatherings
  • Voluntary Vision Plan
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Employee Referral Program
  • Flexible Spending Accounts

    Medical Insurance

    Medical benefits are an important part of your benefits program and financial security. Our goal is to offer you a comprehensive medical plan with several options to meet the diverse needs of our work force. Employees may choose among single, employee & child, employee & spouse, and family plan options. We offer employees medical plans that vary slightly according to the provider packages offered in each of our local service delivery areas.

    Milwaukee Office: Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield ($4,000 single/$8,000 family deductible).
    Madison Office: Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield ($4,000 single/$8,000 family deductible) and two plans from Group Health Cooperative: an HMO; and an HSA Plan ($2,500 single/$5,000 family).

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    Dental Insurance

    Good dental care is essential to the maintenance of your overall health and requires regular check-ups and preventative care. Our dental plan provides important insurance protection against the cost of good dental care for you and your family.

    Stratagem pays approximately 60% of the overall premium cost of our dental insurance. Employees may choose between single, employee & child, employee & spouse, and family plan options. We offer three plans through HumanaDental Insurance Company: a PPO, a Comprehensive Plan, and a Preventative Plan.

    Hourly Employees: Stratagem's hourly employees may elect one of the three Humana dental plans. Coverage is provided at the group rates available to Stratagem on a plan year basis.

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    Short-Term Disability

    Our Short-Term Disability insurance provides you with an important source of income should you become disabled and unable to work for an extended period of time.

    Stratagem pays the entire premium for short-term disability insurance. If an employee has a qualified disability, this benefit provides 60% of the employee's salary, to a maximum of $1,500 per week. Benefit payments for a qualified disability begin on the 8th day of disability and may continue up until the 90th day.

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    Long-Term Disability

    The financial consequences of a long-term disability can be disastrous to your financial security and to that of your family. Our Long-Term Disability insurance provides you with a guaranteed level of income based on your current level of pay.

    Our plan provides four options to meet the needs of your situation: 50% of base annual pay to $9,000 per month taxable or non-taxable, and 60% of base annual pay to $9,000 per month taxable or non-taxable. Stratagem pays the entire premium for the 50% taxable option. These benefit payments begin after short-term disability has been exhausted.

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    Life and AD&D Insurance

    Life insurance benefits provide an important source of financial security for your family by offering income security and wealth preservation in the event of your death or disability. Our benefits give you the opportunity to design your own personal level of insurance protection.

    Stratagem provides coverage of $50,000 per employee. Employees may purchase additional amounts, up to $120,000, for their own coverage. Stratagem also provides for spouse and dependent insurance ($2,000 for employee spouses and $1,000 for each dependent child). You may purchase additional amounts, up to $8,000 for a spouse and $4,000 for each child.

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    Voluntary Vision Plan

    Routine eye examinations can help detect early signs of some serious health problems. Our vision insurance provides an opportunity for you to purchase for yourself and your family a plan that will provide vision care services on a regular basis.

    Stratagem funds approximately 20% of the overall premium cost. Employees may opt for single, limited family, or family plan options. Our vision network is made up of both eye care specialists and opticians for eyewear services and supplies. We offer two plans through National Vision Administrators: a Materials & Exam Plan and a Materials Only Plan.

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    Employee Referral Program

    Stratagem consistently finds some of its best candidates through our existing employees. We offer a generous employee referral reward to employees who refer consultant candidates. If an eligible employee refers a consultant candidate, and that candidate joins Stratagem, the referring employee will earn up to $2,100 in referral rewards. Stratagem pays the rewards in three payments of $700 during the first 13 months that the new consultant works for Stratagem. If an eligible employee refers a non-consultant candidate (for a management or administrative position), the reward is a one-time $860 cash award.

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    Flexible Spending Accounts

    Stratagem provides flexible spending accounts from which employees may pay for qualified out-of-pocket health and dependent care expenses with pre-tax earnings. Employees may 'set aside' up to $2,500 per year for pre-tax health care expenses, and up to $5,000 per year for pre-tax dependent care expenses.

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    401(k) Savings Plan

    Employees are eligible to participate in Stratagem's 401(k) Retirement and Savings Plan on their first day of employment with the company - there is no waiting period.

    Stratagem offers all employees a tax-sheltered way to save for their future financial security though our 401(k) savings plan. The plan is administered by the Vanguard Group. Employees may contribute between 2% and 50% of their pre-tax earnings to a number of core and supplemental funds to meet a variety of investment strategies.

    In addition, Stratagem may make an annual discretionary contribution for eligible employees. There are two qualifications: the employee needs to be employed on the last day of the year and have worked at least 1,000 hours in that year. The employer contributions vest at 25% per year. After four years of employment with Stratagem, all employer contributions are 100% vested. An employee's contributions are always 100% vested.

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    Paid Time Off

    Our Paid Time Off (PTO) policy provides full-time, salaried employees flexibility in taking time off. For the first five years of employment (years 0 through 5), employees earn 16 hours of PTO per month. This equates to 24 days per year. For years 6 through 10 with Stratagem, employees earn 20 hours per month (30 days/year). For years 11 and up, employees earn 24 hours per month (36 days/year). Stratagem consultants may earn additional PTO by working overtime - see the explanation below.

    Stratagem employees use PTO for holidays, vacation days, other personal days, and any sick days that they need. With Resource Manager/client approval, employees may determine the days they want or need to take off - they are not necessarily tied to any particular vacation or holiday schedule. This allows employees to use their time away from work on the dates that work best for them.

    In addition to the PTO described above, Stratagem provides paid time for bereavement leave in the event of a death of an employee's immediate family member. The company pays up to 3 days bereavement time for the employee to make arrangements, attend the funeral, and be with family in this time of emotional stress.

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    Overtime Pay

    Stratagem pays consultants for overtime hours that are billable to a client. Stratagem's full-time consultants' salaries are based on regular work hours (8 hours per work day). If a consultant's billable work hours exceed the standard or available number of hours within a billing period, the consultant may choose either to be paid for those additional billable hours at a straight-time rate, or to place the additional billable hours in his or her PTO bank, to be taken at a later time as additional paid time off.

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    Travel Reimbursement

    Stratagem offers employees a competitive mileage reimbursement allowance. The company also pays for lodging and per-diem expenses if an employee needs to travel and stay overnight. In addition, Stratagem pays for parking expenses at client or other business locations.

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    Business and Social Gatherings

    Stratagem sponsors a variety of business and social employee gatherings. These events enable our employees to network with each other, share knowledge, and enjoy social time together.

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    Employee Assistance Program

    Stratagem provides a free and confidential third-party problem-solving resource to employees and their family members. This resource helps with family and relationship concerns, workplace conflicts, budgeting or financial worries, alcohol or drug abuse, and other matters that may be causing stress or difficulties in their lives.

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